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  • up to 1.6" more in length
  • up to 0.6" more in girth
  • medical support included
  • results durable

Curvature Correction

penis curvature

Treatment using Andropenis results in curvature correction of

up to 40%

An inch longer after only four or five months of non-surgical treatmenent (and still growing)

In his last article in Capital Doctor (December 2004. issue 39). Consultant Urologist Suks Mlnhas described how there was no form of surgery (or injection) that will increase penis length. In response. Capital Doctor have been requested to review a new andrological device in the face of serious claims that this might just hold the answer for those men who require treatment to straighten or increase their average penis size.


Human tissues when submilled to a traction force, respond by increasing in size. There is nothing new about the use of traction in medicine. The method has been used widely from the generation of new tissue to cover burns to the lengthening of bones. In other cultures the principle is applied to lengthen different parts of the body such as the Giraffe women of the Paduang tribe in Birmania, or the lengthening of lips in other African and Amazonian tribes. Based on this principle of extemal traction, the Andropenis was designed to exert a gradual traction force to the penis of 600 to 1500 grams.


Closer to home, at the recent 7th Congress of the European Society for sexual Medicine held in London, a paper was presented by Dr. Ignacio Moncada, Urology Unit, Hospital Gregorio Marañon, Madrid entitled: "Management of penile shortening after Peyronie's disease surgery". This study looked at 30 men, aged 54-64 years, who had undergone penile surgery for Peyronie's disease (PO). FOllowing 4 months of subsequent treatment with the penile stretching device there was a postsurgical increase in length of 1 to 4 cm and an Increase in girth of 0.5 to 1,5 cm, He concluded that the use of the penile extender device on an 8 to 12 hour daily regimen is an effective and safe way to minimise loss of penile length in patients operated on for PO.

Further. in a study to detemine whether the mechanical stretching device alone can reduce Peyronie's penile curvature. San Paolo University Hospital, Milan concluded from their results on eight patients that thereis a promising role for penile stretching in selected Peyronie's patients.

In a further study on nine healthy men suffering from 'small penis' from the Andrology service In Milan suggest that their data show the efficacy of penis stretching physiotherapy. After 4 months of treatment, penis augmentation was +1.8cm.

Studies and Results

In a scientIfIc research paper presented In the First Virtual sexology and Hispanoamerican sexual Education Congress (Feb 2001), Dr. Eduardo A. Gomez de Diego from the Andrology Services Clinic in Madrid demonstrated the results of his study on 37 patients, Amongst his findings were the following cooclusions:

The use of the traction device (Andropenis) will increase the length of the penis, both in the erectile and flaccid state

  • Increase in length is directly proportional to time of use.
  • Average growth in length in cm/month in 95% of the patients was between 0.4283 and 0.5163 in erection, and between  0.4173 and 0.5495 in flaccidity.
  • The increment of change is not relative to the age of the patient.
  • Perimeter of the penis is also increased.
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