erectile health monitor
erectile health monitor

Erectile Dysfunction Health Monitor - E.D. Control


Erectile Health Monitor

Erectil Dysfunction Health Monitor - Correct Erectil Dysfunction The penis can be the barometer of health, and erection hardness is the essential marker of male sexual health.
With the Androerectest is possible to monitor the erection quality by detecting a decrease in hardness or an enhancement in the case of those following parallel treatments to improve erections or using a penis pump.

Androerectest FDA Listing

Androerectest: The Original Erectile Health Monitor

As a worldwide exclusive, Andromedical has created Androerectest, a compact home-use erectile health monitor, based on cutting-edge urological technology to help with erectile dysfunction.

Androerectest is the original medical gadget for the monitoring of an essential health marker; erectile quality. Andromedical erectile monitor is the only digital device on the market based on professional rigidometer medical device used by physicians and adapted for home use.

Erectile Health Monitor Androerectest provides data on penile hardness and erectile health by registering axial rigidity values. Whether you just want to satisfy your own curiosity or want to measure your objective erection quality in the privacy of your own home without having to deal with a physician, Androerectest is vital for keeping track of your sexual health.

Andromedical erectile health monitor includes a detailed multilingual User Guide, a quick-start visual guide and a tracking notepad so that you can share your erectil dysfunction results with your physician, or simply keep track of your erection quality over time.

Andromedical is pleased to offer a great way to supplement our penis enhancement products with an erectile dysfunction health monitor. Erections are dependent on proper blood flow. There are many reasons why some men experience impotence, in addition to the immediate frustration; men are often bewildered about the cause of the condition. Our erectile health monitor allows checking the quality of erections. With our products, it is possible to detect whether the penis is in need of enhancement or the blood flow and erection is satisfactory as expected. A man's penis is often a taboo topic, yet it is a major concern of just about every male out there. Now it's possible to check the health of erections. The monitor is great to use in conjunction with our other offered products such as our penis extenders.

Why should everyone control their penis erection health?

Penile hardness and erectile health in sexually active men are necessary attributes for encounters involving intercourse. A full and rigid erection is the result of a healthy blood circulation status. Detecting erectile quality dips, before they become a problem during sexual intimacy should be a health concern for all men, whether or not they are sexually active.

Measuring penile hardness was traditionally done at an Urologists office, after detecting erectile dysfunction. However, there is a scientific data that reveals that in fact, keeping a penile hardness monitoring routine can help the early detection of erectile dysfunction, before it becomes a problem. Therefore, from a medical point of view it is highly advisable not to wait until erectile dysfunction becomes a problem, to begin to measure penile hardness.

For years, it was only possible to measure the quality of an erection with sophisticated medical devices called Rigidometers, only available in specialist's clinics. As a worldwide innovation, Andromedical has created a hand-held computerized erectile health monitor (EHM) called Androerectest. Androerectest measures the axial rigidity (objetive parameter to register actual hardness) of erections and can be used in the privacy of your own home.

Andromedical recommends monitoring erectile health periodically as well as monitoring your penile enhancement results while using any Andromedical product.

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Androerectest FAQs

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Is it battery operated?

Androerectest is completely battery operated. When the battery runs out, a LOW BAT indicator will flash to signal it´s time to buy a new one.

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Is there scientific evidence supporting the use of Androerectest in ED management?

Professional DIR Rigidometers, on which the Androerectest is based, were launched in 1998 and have been used in various international medical studies, proving their validity and significance in the field of ED management. Reputed physicians such as Dr. I Goldstein and Dr. Steven Lamm have both written extensively on the benefits of erectile quality assessment based on axial rigidity. DIR Rigidometers have been unique in providing a universal and reliable measurement of axial rigidity. Androerectest is aimed for the general public rather than just healthcare professionals.

The product meets regulatory requirements proving its efficacy and reliability when it comes to providing an assessment of erectile quality.

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Is Androerectest guaranteed?

Androerectest has a 2-year guarantee. Within this period, as long as the problem with the device is a manufacturing fault, the device can be repaired / replaced free of charge.

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Why is axial rigidity the best indicator of erectile quality?

In the past, ED diagnosis devices have focused on circumferential rigidity and on tumescence values during nocturnal erections. Recent scientific studies have proven that these parameters are not really useful in ED diagnosis. The main problem with the measure of Circumferential Rigidity is that good circumferential rigidity can co-exist with a poor axial rigidity. This is because circumferential rigidity might be satisfactory at the base and at the tip of the penis (where sensors are attached), but it is insufficient along the shaft causing the penis to buckle under vaginal resistance. Tumescence is simply the transition stage between erection and flaccidity and this parameter is out-dated as it does not significantly inform of whether the patient is able to obtain a good erection.

As ED research has progressed, axial rigidity measured in grams has emerged as the most valuable parameter in ED assessment, replacing tumescence and circumferential rigidity values, being described as the "...most informative yet the most elusive parameter" in relation to ED. Androerectest has been created as a response to this need in the uro-andrology community, incorporating other added values, such as relative intracavernosal pressure, resulting in the only ED diagnosis device that the patient can use by himself without medical assistance.

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What does Androerectest do? What mechanism does it use to register rigidity?

Androerectest is a rigidometer, this means that it measures rigidity or erectile quality by providing a quantifiable and objective unit of measurement (grams of axial rigidity). By using these results you can determine whether treatment is necessary.

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What is axial rigidity?

Every man wants to have an erection that is strong enough for sexual intercourse. We can measure erections by registering axial rigidity (as defined within the urologic spectrum) and it means the amount of load or pressure that can be applied on the penis during erection state.

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Is the device user-friendly? Do I need training to use it?

The device is very user-friendly and no training is necessary, however you must follow the guidelines in order to obtain reliable results. Reading the User Guide is essential before you first attempt at measuring your erectile quality.

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Why choose Androerectest?

Androerectest is safe and reliable. It is based on technology that has been used for years in the medical community and it is an affordable, fast and simple device that can be used in the comfort of your own home.

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Why is it important to monitor erectile quality? How is hardness related to my overall health?

As Dr. Lamm has suggested, the penis is the best barometer of male health. Medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and high levels of colesterol can diminish the quality of your erection, Since the arteries in your penis are the thinnest in your body, your penis (and hence your erection) will be the first part of your body to suffer the effects of an illness. So, if your erection is good, then it is likely that your overall health (particulary in terms of peripherical blood circulation) is good also. Being aware of sudden and sustained changes in axial rigidity will allow you to take early action if significant erectile insufficiencies are detected before they become an obvious problem during sexual encounters.

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When should I visit a doctor to show the results?

If you have a result below the recommended minimum of 400g, you should consult your doctor/urologist immediately.

If the results are regularly below 1000g, there is room for improvement and in order to be sure that you will develop your full potential it is recommendable to consult your doctor/urologist.

As long as the results are consistently above 1000g, then there is no need to seek medical advice.

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Are there any risks in using Androerectest?

Androerectest is a safe device with no health risks. The device measures the rigidity of the penis and as long as guidelines are followed, you will not encounter any problems.

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Why are grams the best quantitative parameter to measure erectile hardness?

It is an internationally accepted measurement, which measures the quality of the erection.

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"Today, amongst several techniques to enlarge the size of the penis, the most efficient and so far the safest is the technique..."

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