medical penis pump
medical penis pump

Medical Penis Pump

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Androvacuum is a
penis enhancement pump that applies medical vacuum therapy specially designed for those who want to improve their sexual performance by practicing the innovative concept of sexual fitness. Vacuum therapy is also a safe and very effective treatment to solve erectile dysfunction (E.D.).

The scientific studies can be seen on the following link: medical penis pump.


Androvacuum is a medically proven, top quality penis pump. It is designed as a non-invasive, safe and effective product to use a part of a sexual fitness routine. The device is also a great solution to induce drug-free, instant erections. Safety and effectiveness has been proven by performing scientific studies.

Ergonomically designed and engineered, Androvacuum consists of a cylinder that is fitted over the penis with an electronic motor to create suction and induce a vacuum chamber around the penis. This process draws blood into the penis and helps it to become engorged and hard, ultimately facilitating penile enhancement.

Medical Penis Pump The effects of Androvacuum are immediate and completely controllable (proven statement). Androvacuum offers great value for the money as it is much more cost effective than other, more dangerous treatments in the long run.

Andromedical offers its patient the option of restoring their self-esteem with their partner with a simple, safe and easy-to-use medical device: the Androvacuum erection pump.

Vacuum Pump: a medically tested system to improve sexual performance and ED

Sexual fitness treatment with Androvacuum is easily understood when referring to the "penis gym" concept. If penis erections are regularly induced, making extra blood flow into the penis, the corpus cavernous will adapt to the new extra flow of blood and will produce it by itself over time. Simply, these erections will make the penis react faster and stronger to future sexual stimulation, as confirmed by scientific studies.

It is considered as a first line treatment of erectile dysfunction due to its positive medical benefits. Those benefits are supported in various scientific studies.

Andromedical is pleased to offer its patients a low cost way to correct impotence and improve sexual performance. Androvacuum is endorsed by prominent specialists and has been tested by independent parties. The scientific studies can be seen on the following link: penis pump studies.

Andromedical has other non-surgical solutions available such as penis pills. Andromedical's patients won't have to worry about surgery, as there are other solutions to improve their sexual fitness.

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medical penis pump
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Mayo Clinic
...Medications may not work or may not be a good choice for you. If this is the case, your doctor may recommend a different treatment. Other treatments include: Penis pumps...end quote

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Doctor approved
Dr. Hellstrom
Dr. Hellstrom Urology Professor and Director of Andrology at the University of New Orleans. (USA)
...The observations presented and published support the efficacy and safety of penis pumps or vacuum constriction devices (such as the Androvacuum device from Andromedical)...end quote

Dr. Ismail Tambi

Consultant Clinical Andrologist, Reproductive and Sexual Health Specialist Men's Health Clinic Damai Service Hospital, Malaysia.

"One of the ethnic groups that is most affected from and worried about the size of the penis is the Asian male population..."

Dr. Ignacio Moncada

Chief of the Urology Unit at the Gregorio Marañon Hospital of Madrid, Spain.

"Today, amongst several techniques to enlarge the size of the penis, the most efficient and so far the safest is the technique..."