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Andropenis Mini
Andropenis Mini
239 USD
239 USD
Andropeyronie (Surgery Ed)
239 USD

Andropenis Mini
A treatment of a specialized problem
Andropenis Mini is a medically prescribed device for penis enlargement and penis widening, suitable for men with a penis smaller than 3.2 inches (8 cm) in erection.
239 USD
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User Requirements:

  • For Andropeyronie and Andropeyronie (Surgery Edition), your penis size must be at least 3.2 inches (8 cm) in erection.
  • For Andropenis Mini, your penis size must be less than 3.2 inches (8 cm) in erection.
  • You must be between 18 and 65 years old.

Tech Specs:

  • The springs are made of stainless steel and the shafts of surgical aluminum.

How to use

Peyronie right Our entire line of medical male enhancement and penile augmentation devices must be used with the penis in a flaccid state. Depending on the model, the devices can be used between 4 or 9 hours per day, taking a break when needed. Each model applies the principle of traction but in different ways.

While using Andropeyronie, the patient can control the direction of the traction in order to apply stronger force to the opposite side of the curvature. This will help the penis to straighten by up to 50% (

In the case of Andropeyronie (Surgery Edition), a gentler unidirectional traction force is enough to prevent penile shortening after a surgical procedure (

Andropenis Mini must be worn the same way as the penis enlargement extenders.
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Andropenis® MiniAndropeyronie®Andropeyronie® (Surgery Edition)
DeviceAndropenis® MiniAndropeyronie®Andropeyronie® (Surgery Edition)
Medical Support (throughout the whole treatment)acceptacceptaccept
Androshafts®: Aluminiumaccept * Miniacceptaccept
Androsilicone®: 2 unitsacceptacceptaccept
Androcomfort® Band: 2 unitsacceptacceptaccept
Androtop® for Androsilicone®: 2 unitsacceptacceptaccept
Androtop® for Androcomfort® Band: 2 unitsacceptacceptaccept
Androring®: 2 unitsacceptacceptaccept
Instructions Booklet in 8 languagesacceptacceptaccept
Instructions CD in 27 languages for computer useacceptacceptaccept
Quick Guideacceptacceptaccept
"100 Sex Tips" free eBookacceptacceptaccept
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There are many men who are searching for a male enhancement product that actually works. We understand their frustration amidst a market full of bogus products and unfulfilled promises. Our male enhancement products are proven effective and professionally endorsed by leading urologists.

The Andropenis Mini works just like our other penis extenders, yet the mini is custom suited for gentlemen with a penis size of less than 3.2 inches in length while erect.

It's easy to use and medically proven. Through the application of traction pressure, the Andropenis mini stretches the penis, forming new cells, resulting in a penis enlargement.

Use the male enhancement product 4 to 9 hours per day, taking a break when needed. Realize the wonders this product provides. The penis extender helps those who want to enlarge their penis, those dealing with Peyronie's Disease, and those who want to reverse the effects of shortening after surgery.

Our male enhancement device is made of stainless steel and surgical aluminum. There's no need to worry about allergies or discomfort while using the penis extender.

Male enhancement is a reality. It's proven and brought to you by the experts at Andromedical.

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Andropenis Mini Medical Extenders Andropenis Mini Andropenis Mini $ 239 Andropenis Mini: Medical penis enlargement device suitable for a penis smaller than 3.2 inches (8 cm).
239 2222 Andropenis Mini Andropenis Mini: Medical penis enlargement device suitable for a penis smaller than 3.2 inches (8 cm). Andropenis Mini

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