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worldwide penis sizes It's not unusual for men to wonder how they measure up compared to other men. Probably, all men have wondered if they are above or below the average of world penis sizes and if they should aim for an increase in penis size. So here it is, what they've all wondered about, the average penis size.

Dr. Eduardo A. Gómez de Diego, the founder and General Manager of Andromedical decided that this was indeed a question worth answering, so he collected data to determine what the average size of a human penis is around the world.

The Doctor found the answers that he was searching for, taking into consideration several studies published by renowned doctors from all over the world, as well as his personal experience in Urology and Andrology.

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The gathering of this information all in one place is the closest thing to a worldwide study that is available today, and since the methodology used in each study was the same, and because each measurement comes from a trusted source, it is safe to assume that these world penis sizes are valid.

Now men all over the world can have a basis on whether or not they want to increase penis size.

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Dr. Wayne Hellstrom

Urology Professor and Director of Andrology at the University of New Orleans, USA.

"The literature in a number of medical disciplines supports the concept of tissue expansion. The preliminary observations presented..."

Dr. Antoine Faix

Andrologist, Sexologist and Director of the Mediterranean Centre for Sexology and Andrology, France

"I recommend this device to my patients for Peyronie's disease and penile lengthening, in my experience the results are very encouraging..."