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Welcome to Andromedical laboratory, your top choice for medical-grade devices for penis enlargement, Peyronie’s disease, prostate and penile surgery, and erectile dysfunction. Our products are clinically tested, medically certified and designed to increase penis size, correct penile curvature and improve erections. Our range of options includes penis extenders, penile traction devices, surgical extenders, and vacuum penis pumps. Our team of experts is available to help you find the perfect solution for your needs. Browse our website to learn more about our products, read customer reviews and testimonials, and find the right product for you today.


Medical Penis Enlarger

Andropenis® is a patented medical device for penis enlargement based on penile traction therapy. This penis extender is an effective and safe method to permanently enlarge the penis. More Information >

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Penile traction device

Andropeyronie® is a penile traction device designed to treat Peyronie’s disease and penile curvature. This patented medical device reduces penile curvature by up to 60%. More information >

andro-peyronie extender device premium

Surgical extender

Androsurgery® is a surgical extender designed to avoid penile shortening after prostate and penis surgery. Also, it prepares and improves the results in penile implant surgery. More information >

androvacuum premium penis vacuum pump

Medical Penis Pump

Androvacuum® is a vacuum erection device (VED) that applies vacuum therapy designed to induce drug-free instant erections. Vacuum therapy is a safe and effective treatment to solve the erectile dysfunction. More information >

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Men´s Health writes about our devices
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Men´s Health writes about our devices
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Andropenis® is Clinically Tested

British Journal of Urology

“CONCLUSIONS: Penile extenders should be regarded as a minimally invasive and effective treatment option to elongate the penile shaft”

Dr. Gontero, Urologist, University of Piamonte, Italy

doctor Salamanca for Peyronie disease

Andropeyronie® is Clinically Tested

The Journal of Sexual Medicine

“Penile traction therapy appears an efficient therapy for the acute phase of Peyronie’s disease in regards to penile curvature decrease, pain reduction and enhancement in sexual function.”

Dr. Martínez-Salamanca, Urologist, Hospital Puerta de Hierro, Spain

American Urological Association

“Three studies reported on the effects of penile traction for 4.5 to 5.0 hours a day and reported curvature improvements (studies done with ANDROPENIS and ANDROPEYRONIE)”

European Association of Urology

“Use penile traction devices and vacuum devices to reduce penile deformity and increase penile length”

Safe therapy

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Fast results

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Medical Support

Our team of physicians and health experts can support you along your treatment, by email or chat, with ongoing medical advice and support.

You can TAKE A QUIZ with quick medical questions and, if in doubt, a physician will review your answers.

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Testimonials and product reviews

“The preliminary observations presented and published support the efficacy and safety of penile traction devices (such as the Andropenis)” Dr. Wayne Hellstrom, Urology Professor at the University of New Orleans, USA.

“Before risking surgery, I preferred to try Andropenis. I want to thank you because after a few months of use I managed to enlarge my penis.” Haruki, Japan.

I saw on TV that collagenase injections could correct my curved penis, but they are expensive. I looked for an alternative and used Andropeyronie. After a few months of use, I got it.” David, USA.

After a prostate operation, I did a penile rehabilitation with Androsurgery to avoid the side effects of the surgery. Thank you for the recommendation.” Karl, Germany.

“This device represents one of the most important advances in the medical field if we consider the effectiveness of Andropenis”. Dr. Ignacio Moncada, Chief of the Urology Unit at Zarzuela Hospital, Spain.

I was always self-conscious about the size of my penis. I searched the internet and decided to use Andropenis. I am very satisfied with the results. Thank you.” Ahmed, Saudi Arabia.

“I had a curved penis and it hurt to have sex. My urologist diagnosed me with Peyronie’s disease and recommended using Andropeyronie. I can confirm that it works.” Jean Paul, France.

“Since I have heart problems, I can’t use drugs to get an erection. My urologist recommended me to use the vacuum pump. Now I can easily thanks to Androvacuum.” Giovanni, Italy.

Quality ISO 13485

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years in the Urology

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Combined therapy

Andromedical devices can be used with Andropharma men’s supplements as combined therapy. Andropharma helps in the treatments of penis enlargement, Peyronie’s disease and erectile dysfunction.

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Disclaimer: Medical information provided by the laboratory Andromedical. Medically reviewed by our Medical Advisory board.

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