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To increase penis size safely

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Permanent results

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Why Andropenis®?


An increase of Penile Length 4 cm or 1.6″ in erection and flaccidity


An increase of Penis Girth 1.5 cm or 0.6″


Provides Permanent results and sexual function is improved


Results are based on Clinical Studies

How a Penis Enlargement device Works

Andropenis® is a clinically proven penis enlargement device with permanent results. This patented device is based on penile traction therapy ( PTT ). This medical device is an effective and safe method for penile augmentation.

In 2018 all penis enlargement devices of Andromedical® include the patented Androcomfort® band which spreads the pressure on the glans over a larger area. This is the 3rd generation of medical penis enlargers to increase penile size.

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Dr. Hellstrom approved Andropenis penis extender

Andropenis® is Doctor Approved

“The preliminary observations presented and published support the efficacy and safety of penile traction devices (such as the Andropenis device from Andromedical”.

Dr. Hellstrom, Urologist, University of New Orleans, USA

Comfort Technology

All Andromedical’s penis extenders include the Androcomfort® band and Androring® system, which spread the pressure on the glans over a larger area, giving more comfort and protection to the penis, making the treatment easier for the patient and helping obtain better results.

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Safe therapy

Comfortable tech

Fast results

When is a penis extender indicated?

The DIEGO test is a 1-minute test to check the Penis Shrinkage and Small Penis Syndrome.


1. Do you have the feeling that your penis is small?


2. Have you noticed that you now have a curved penis when erect?


3. Have you had penile or prostate surgery?


4. Are you taking medication? For attention deficit or hyperactivity (Adderall), for an enlarged prostate, antidepressants or antipsychotics?


5. Have you noticed a reduction of your penis due to weight gain?


6. Do you have to sit down to urinate? Or is your penis hidden?


7. Have you compared your penis to other men’s penises at the gym, showers or beach?


8. Do you hide your penis when you change clothes in the locker room?


9. Have you ever had anxiety or difficulty with erection because you think your penis is small?


10. Do you think that with a larger penis you would have more sexual partners or be more admired?

If you have answered “Yes” to any question from 2 to 4 you may have penis shrinkage; to questions 5 or 6 you may have micropenis or hidden penis; to any question from 7 to 10 you may have small penis syndrome. Achieve a professional and effective solution for these issues with the Andropenis penis extender.

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From 149£ / €159 / $179 / CA$239 / AU$269

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Testimonials and product reviews

“The preliminary observations presented and published support the efficacy and safety of penile traction devices (such as the Andropenis)” Dr. Wayne Hellstrom, Urology Professor at the University of New Orleans, USA.

“Before risking surgery, I preferred to try Andropenis. I want to thank you because after a few months of use I managed to enlarge my penis.” Haruki, Japan.

“This device represents one of the most important advances in the medical field if we consider the effectiveness of Andropenis”. Dr. Ignacio Moncada, Chief of the Urology Unit at Zarzuela Hospital, Spain.

I was always self-conscious about the size of my penis. I searched the internet and decided to use Andropenis. I am very satisfied with the results. Thank you.” Ahmed, Saudi Arabia.

Quality ISO 13485

img years

years in the Urology

#1 in world sales

Combined therapy

Andropenis can be used with Andropharma men’s supplements as combined therapy. Andropharma® Penis helps in the therapy of penis enlargement.

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Easy to use devices

Personalized devices


Designed by doctors


Reviews of Penis Enlargers

Is it necessary to seek the advice of a doctor before starting?

Not at first, although it may be beneficial for those patients who do require strict medical control with a Medical Penis Enlarger or who are less skilful to seek advice from an specialist before starting the treatment. We carry a list of specialist in different countries. Here you can find Testimonials of famous urologists.

Are there any doctor who can advise me of any doubts?

Yes, as aforementioned we have a list of specialists in many countries who can advise you while following your penile enlargement device.

After getting results, what will happen if I continue using it?

You can sometime still obtain a further increase, but this increase will be less and slower that the previous treatment with the medical penis enlarger.

Is it possible not to obtain an increase?

According to our experience, there is a 2,5% non-success rate with our Penis Enlargement device. 

How can I manually extend an Enlarger as needed?

There is a manual which clearly explains how Andropenis Penis Enlarger should be regulated. These adjustments are made using the rods provided upon purchase.

When the treatment is over, should I continue using it?

No, average results of increasing penis size will have already been obtained, although there may be a possibility of obtaining a little more.

How long should the break periods be while using an Enlarger?

Andropenis Penis Enlargement device should be worn for 8 hours per day. You can spread out these hours as you wish. We recommend a rest period every 2 hours where the penis enlarger should be removed, perfect timing to use the restroom. You do not need to follow a rigid rest period schedule. This depends on the sensitivity of the patient.

What will happen if I stop using the Enlarger for one day?

Nothing, but try wearing the penis enlargement device a little longer the next day.

Is it necessary to use creams or pills to enlarge the penis?

It is not necessary to use creams or ointments nor pills to enlarge the male member. You will be able to obtain good results by using a Penis Enlargement device only.

Is it necessary to use creams during treatment with a enlarger?

It will be helpful in some cases, in order to lubricate the glans and to avoid any lacerations.

Analysis of the Penis Enlargerment devices

Are there any scientific studies that prove the efficacy?
There have been numerous studies conducted in various clinics throughout the world that have shown the effectiveness and safety of our medical penis enlarger. It is a penis enlargement device with permanent results. The penile traction therapy was invented and patented by Dr. Eduardo Gómez de Diego.
Is Andropenis® a registered trade mark and officially recognized?
Andropenis® is a registered trade mark and recognized internationally, carrying several patents and certifications.
What is your percentage of success of Andropenis penis enlarger?
We have a 97.5% success rate with our penis enlarger.
Who are you? What experience do you have?

We are an international medical laboratory with more than 20 years of experience in the medical field of penis enlargement without surgery with penile enlargers and the distribution of medical supplies throughout the world.

Are the instructions of the penis enlarger user friendly?
Yes, the instructions are very well explained and they are easy how to use and how to fit a penis enlarger. They are also written in 28 languages.
How long has Andropenis enlarger been used worldwide?
Andropenis penile enlarger has been in use for more than 20 years now.
Are there many people who use the Andropenis®?
There have been many men who have used Andropenis enlarger with great success throughout the world.
What´s about my privacy with the penile enlargers?
Yes, your information is kept confidential and is protected according to the information rights protection laws.
If I have any doubt, may I contact you for assistance?
Yes, either by telephone or email, we also offer an online chat for this matter.

Interviews with patients about penis enlargement

Have you ever thought that your penis is small?
Answer: When I am in bed with a woman, I often think she is not satisfied with me because of having a small penis. After intercourse I’m thinking. What was supposed to be pleasant at first, finally fills me with doubts and in the end makes me so insecure that I don’t have sex as often as I should. In addition, I often avoid having sex in bright light.
Do you find it uncomfortable to be seen naked because your penis is small?
Answer: When I go to the gym for sports, I almost always wear sports clothes to avoid changing clothes and for other men to see that my penis is much smaller than theirs. In summer it is a great inconvenience not to be able to shower quietly to avoid being naked. Once when I wanted to take a shower, I put on a towel covering my underwear to go to the shower directly so they don’t see my penis.
Do you have a complex about being with well-endowed men in locker rooms?
Answer: When I’ve met other very gifted men on beaches or in changing rooms I’ve felt a little self-conscious, although I think my penis is a normal size. On those occasions, I envy the size of a big penis. I feel admiration but also a little anger for not having a penis that size.
Have you ever thought that a couple of yours has been dissatisfied with you in sex?
Answer: It usually happens to me on first dates when I don’t trust you. It makes me insecure to have a small penis. I think if I had a bigger penis this would not happen to me and I would go to the first dates with more confidence and we would enjoy both sex from the first moment.
Do you think any of your relationships have failed because you have a small penis?
Answer: Obviously I think that if a woman has decided to end a relationship with me, it’s because I didn’t satisfy her. I think a woman satisfied with sex doesn’t leave a relationship with a man.
What do you hope to achieve with penis enlargement?
Answer: I hope to have a bigger penis, to have more confidence in myself, to be able to feel safe and to take the initiative in relationships as well as in sex. I want to enlarge my penis by 4 centimetres and enlarge it. I can’t wait to start treatment and start seeing the results to see how my sex life changes.
Are you more interested in having a longer or wider penis?
Answer: I think having a longer penis at rest will give me a sense of security and pride if I’m seen naked in the locker room or on a beach. And when I’m with a woman I think it will encourage her to play, experiment, have oral sex, it will lengthen the time of sex and she will enjoy it a lot. I think it is also important that the penis is thicker because women enjoy intercourse more.
Do you think having a bigger penis will improve your sexual relations?
Answer: Without a doubt, having a large penis encourages play and relaxation. Maybe I don’t have to be making appointments with dinners or drinks, because I think sex can come more easily. Surely sex can be more wild, as the desire grows in the woman, even sure that she is the one who takes the initiative.
How do you imagine your relationship with a bigger penis?
Answer: I imagine that sexual relations will be more satisfying on both sides. I think they’ll be more stable, more morbid, with more games and more desire.
If you had lengthened your penis earlier, would you have related better to your partners?
Answer: Yes. There are experiences that have been a fiasco, because she was left unsatisfied, or at least I felt it because of having a small penis. Sometimes I liked a girl very much and after the first sexual relationship there was no continuity. I felt kind of rejected by her, and I really liked that girl. Those situations mark you much later, you become insecure and less social. If I had used Andropenis before, it would have saved me a lot of discomfort, and I suppose I would be more optimistic than I am now.
Would you have lengthened your penis sooner, if you knew the results you would get?
Answer: I would have used it long before, I think even before I was 18. I don’t know if the treatment can be done at that age or earlier, but I totally agree that I would have done it earlier.
After successful completion of treatment, would you recommend it to a friend?
Answer: Yes, I would recommend it to a trusted friend, because I think all men would like to have a bigger penis, whether you have a small penis or a normal penis size.
After the treatment, how have your relationships improved?
Answer: Yes, they have improved a lot. Now I’m more confident and I speak to women more confidently. They see me for sure and I think that attitude is attractive to women and they end up being more open to having sex with you.

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