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Andropenis® is a medical Penis Enlarger. It is clinically tested and FDA approved. Enlarge your penis safely with permanent results. You can increase your penile size with a medical penis enlargement device.



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“I advise my patients to use a medical device to safely enlarge their penis.” Dr. Ed Gomez inventor of Penile Traction Device

How a Penis Enlargement device Works

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Andropenis® is a clinically proven penis enlargement device with permanent results. This patented device is based on penile traction therapy ( PTT ). This medical device is an effective and safe method for penile augmentation ( BJUI ).

In 2018 all penis enlargement devices of Andromedical® include the patented Androcomfort® band which spreads the pressure on the glans over a larger area. This is the 3rd generation of medical penis enlargers to increase penile size.

Andropenis® medical penis enlarger is at the forefront of technology in regards to only safe non-surgical solutions. Now, you can enlarge the male member in both erection and flaccidity safely (BJUI).

Andropenis applies a progressive traction force on the penis which stimulates growth of the penile tissues. The increase is effective regardless of age, genetics or original penis size. It is a penis enlargement device with permanent results.

What to Expect from an Enlarger?

Enlarge Penile Length

Enlarge Penile Length with Andropenis

Info about Length

In a scientific study of the Hospital San Giovanni of the University of Turin (Italy) with the Andropenis medical penis enlarger managed by Dr. Gontero and published in the British Journal of Urology in 2008, the conclusions were “After 6 months the mean gain in length was significant, meeting the goals of the effect size, at 2.3 and 1.7 cm, for the flaccid and stretched penis.” (BJUI)

Grow Girth with the Penis Enlargement device

Grow Girth with the Penis Enlargement device

Info about Girth

In the clinical study of the Hospital Gregorio Marañon of the University of Madrid (Spain) with the Andropenis enlarger managed by Dr. Moncada and published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine ( JSM ) in 2005 the conclusions were “The sustained treatment for 4 months with the penis stretching device provided an increase from 1 to 4 cm in length and an increase in girth of 0.5 to 1.5 cm (JSM = PDF).

Durable Results with penis enlarger

Durable Results with Andropenis penis enlarger

Info about Durable

In a clinica study of the Hospital SGB of the University of Turin-Italy with the Andropenis medical penis enlarger driven by Dr. Gontero and published in the International British Journal of Urology in 2008 the conclusions were “Finally, the penile extender medical device gives an appropriate minimally intrusive approach that can create an efficient and long lasting lengthening of the penis, both in the flaccid and in the stretched state.” (BJUI)

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€99 / $99 / 85£ / 149 AU$-CA$
2 Months Money Back Guarantee

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€199 / $199 / 149£ / 249 AU$-CA$
2 Months Money Back Guarantee

NBC news about penis enlarger

NBC News: “Andropenis could add 0.7″ (1.8 cm) on average to the sex organ after 4 months”

Gizmondo about penis extender

Gizmondo: “Two separate studies have found that daily 6+ hour use of the Andropenis device ”

US news about Andropenis

U.S. News: “Gontero and his colleagues found that penile extenders work better than techniques such as vacuum devices, exercises”

Andropenis® is Doctor Approved

“Today, among numerous techniques to expand the size of the penis, one of the most effective and so far the best is the method depending on the concept of traction. The only medical penis enlarger identified and licensed by the European Union Health Authorities is Andropenis®. This tool stands for among the most crucial breakthroughs in the clinical area if we consider the efficiency of Andropenis in post-operatory phases of people that underwent surgical procedure for Peyronie’s illness, or, on the various other hand, for those that simply really feel unpleasant concerning the dimension of their penis.”

Dr. Ignacio Moncada

Urology Unit Chief at the Hospital Gregorio Marañón, Spain

“Dr. Jamal Salhi has actually been advising making use of Andropenis for a long time in post-operatory treatments for penile surgical treatments along with for initial therapies to enlarge the size of the penis. Dr. Salhi affirms that Andropenis is the most efficient as well as most safe medical grip device on the market today. It is an easy-to-use as well as an easy-to-wear device that permits a great deal of men to end up their problems worrying the size of their penis.”

Dr. Jamal Salhí

Urological Surgeon at San Pietro Hospital, Rome, Italy

“A range of research studies concerning penile enhancement, rectification of penile curvatures (Peyronie’s disease) and also penile postoperative therapy, carried out in China by Dr. Li Zheng, relating to the use of the Andropenis clinical traction device on a total amount of 30 individuals, show an average growth of the penis of 1 inch within a 3 months treatment period. “

Dr. Li Zheng

Urological Surgeon at Shanghai Renji Hospital, China

“I marketed my very first Andropenis to a person with a tiny penis. He used the device for 4 months and also was thrilled with the extending. A great number of Andropenis was additionally sold to individuals with rounded penises. The majority of them have straight injury like broken penis, and some injured their penises during lovemaking. Plaques created and set in time. I gave these people high dosages of vitamin E as well as recommend progressive stretching of the penis with added stress on the bent part. In fact there was a case I remember that had actually just had a plaque removal operation done by an urologist and also established reducing of the penis consequently, and it was feasible to fix with the Andropenis I provided.”

Dr. Ismail Tambi

Andrologist at Men's Health Clinic, Damai Hospital, Malaysia

Who Recommends Andropenis®?

American Urological Association recommends penis enlarger
Sexual Medicine Society recommends penis enlarger
British Association of Urological Surgeons recommends penis enlarger

Our extenders are SAFE for your penis


Non irritant
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No side effects
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Certified Quality
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Reviews in 2018 as a medical penis enlarger



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Reviews in 2018 of Penis Enlargers

Is it necessary to seek the advice of a doctor before starting?

Not at first, although it may be beneficial for those patients who do require strict medical control with a Medical Penis Enlarger or who are less skilful to seek advice from an specialist before starting the treatment. We carry a list of specialist in different countries. Here you can find Testimonials of famous urologists.

Are there any doctor who can advise me of any doubts?

Yes, as aforementioned we have a list of specialists in many countries who can advise you while following your penile enlargement device.

After getting results, what will happen if I continue using it?

You can sometime still obtain a further increase, but this increase will be less and slower that the previous treatment with the medical penis enlarger.

Is it possible not to obtain an increase?

According to our experience, and not the experience of the medical profession which is not always perfect, there is a 2,5% non-success rate with our Penis Enlargement device. However, an available doctor will study your case in detail and try to find a solution for your particular case. You can get more information in penis extenders reviews

How can I manually extend an Enlarger as needed?

There is a manual which clearly explains how Andropenis Penis Enlarger should be regulated. These adjustments are made using the rods provided upon purchase.

When the treatment is over, should I continue using it?

No, average results of increasing penis size will have already been obtained, although there may be a possibility of obtaining a little more.

How long should the break periods be while using an Enlarger?

Andropenis Penis Enlargement device should be worn for 8 hours per day. You can spread out these hours as you wish. We recommend a rest period every 2 hours where the penis enlarger should be removed, perfect timing to use the restroom. You do not need to follow a rigid rest period schedule. This depends on the sensitivity of the patient.

What will happen if I stop using the Enlarger for one day?

Nothing, but try wearing the penis enlargement device a little longer the next day.

Is it necessary to use creams or pills to enlarge the penis?

It is not necessary to use creams or ointments nor pills to enlarge the male member. You will be able to obtain good results by using a Penis Enlargement device only. Get more information in penile enlagers reviews.

Is it necessary to use creams during treatment with a enlarger?

It will be helpful in some cases, in order to lubricate the glans and to avoid any lacerations.

Analysis of the Penis Enlargerment devices

Are there any scientific studies that prove the efficacy?

There have been numerous studies conducted in various clinics throughout the world that have shown the effectiveness and safety of our medical penis enlarger. It is a penis enlargement device with permanent results. The penile traction therapy was invented and patented by Dr. Eduardo Gómez de Diego.

Is Andropenis® a registered trade mark and officially recognized?

Andropenis® is a registered trade mark and recognized internationally, carrying several patents and certifications.

What is your percentage of success of Andropenis penis enlarger?

We have a 97.5% success rate with our penis enlarger.

Who are you? What experience do you have?

We are an international medical laboratory with more than 20 years of experience in the medical field of penis enlargement without surgery with penile enlargers and the distribution of medical supplies throughout the world.

What if I do not experience growth, what guarantee do I have?

If in 2 months you do not notice a difference in the size of your penis, we will refund 100% of the total cost of penile enlarger. Only 2.5% of patients will not experience penile growth.

Are the instructions of the penis enlarger user friendly?

Yes, the instructions are very well explained and they are easy how to use and how to fit a penis enlarger. They are also written in 28 languages.

How long has Andropenis enlarger been used worldwide?

Andropenis penile enlarger has been in use for more than 20 years now.

Are there many people who use the Andropenis®?

There have been many men who have used Andropenis enlarger with great success throughout the world.

What´s about my privacy with the penile enlargers?

Yes, your information is kept confidential and is protected according to the information rights protection laws.

If I have any doubt, may I contact you for assistance?

Yes, either by telephone or email, we also offer an online chat for this matter.

News in 2018 about Penis Enlargement

Penis size studies in America

Studies in America about penis size Chile: A study shows an average size of 5.51” in erection (Researcher: Clínica Andromex) Venezuela: Studies show that the average size ranges from 2.36” to 3.54” in flaccidity and between 3.54” and 5.7” in erection. The average...

Psychological aspects of Penis Enlargement

Fernando Molina-Campuzano, clinical psychologist, Spain. When a patient decides to obtain information regarding penis enlargement extender, many psychological aspects have to be taken into consideration: reasons for their request, motivating factors, and expectations...

World Average Penis Size

It's not unusual for men to wonder how they measure up compared to other men. Probably, all men have wondered if they are above or below the average of world penis sizes and if they should aim for an increase in penis size. So here it is, what they've all wondered...

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