061 Gathering experience,

As far as love and sex goes, experience is vital. As time passes you learn more and more about your body and the different ways to give it more pleasure.

062 Age

You enjoy sex in a different way depending on your age and your physical state. You will not always be 18 years old.

063 Music

Playing some music will relax the atmosphere and put you in a perfect mood to have sex. Investigate what kind of music your partner likes and surprise him/her with a pleasant atmosphere.

064 Pick her underwear

Go shopping with your partner and choose some underwear with her. The fitting room can be very exciting when trying on your selection

065 Emails and sms

Try once to send sexy messages to your partner and give him/her a first glance at what you have planned. Temperature will rise until you meet.

066 In action

Try to make photo session with your partner in the bathtub or in her underwear. If you feel like doing it, you can try to make some videos of you and your partner having sex. Watching the video together will be very exciting and funny.

067 Lubrication

Use a gel or a lubricant to ease anal or vaginal penetration. Doing so, you will help your partner to lubricate naturally.

068 A or F?

Never ask your partner to give you a mark regarding your sexual performance. What do you expect to hear?

069 69, a lucky number

The best way to have oral sex simultaneously, either you or your partner being on top.

070 Say it with flowers

Flowers can convey all sorts of messages depending on the colors you have chosen. White is for friendship, yellow to say goodbye, and red for love and passion.

071 Breakfast in bed

Orange juice, toast and coffee on a tray with a flower…it all looks like you’re going to have a long morning full of sex.

072 XXX films

There is a wide variety of porn films out there. American porn tends to be more stylish than the European.

073 No pressure

Sex is good to relieve pressure. While having sex you get rid of toxins, fight stress and boredom.

074 Online chat and sex

While chatting you can suggest and show what you want. What is initially an innocent game can turn into a date with probabilities of sex.

075 Sade and co.

There is a wide variety of sexual preferences: fetishism, voyeurism, sadomasochism, exhibitionism… etc.

076 Women in good shape

Women’s sexual capacity is at its peak in their thirties. At this age, women tend to reach their most intense orgasms.

077 The famous G-spot

The Gräfenberg spot, knows as the G-spot, got its name from the person who discovered it, a German gynaecologist. The G spot is a small area inside the vagina, located right behind the pubic bone and near the urethra. Adequate stimulation of the G-spot can result in long and very pleasant orgasms for women.

078 Multi-orgasm

Even if it is not very frequent, several women can experience multiple orgasms. If that is her case, you are a lucky guy!

079 Orgasm progression

There are 4 stages towards the orgasm: excitement, plateau, climax and resolution.

080 Get hot

Ask your partner to meet you wearing only a long coat without anything under or try to make love in a pool at night, or in a fitting room. Never forget to spice up your sex life for more exciting sexual experiences.

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