Andropeyronie®, our famous penile traction therapy device for Peyronie´s disease will certainly go to the American Urological Association in the Annual Meeting of 2019 at # 1219 stand. We will certainly be grateful for your go to. Our suppliers will certainly give you much more informations about our penile traction device (PTD) and also its indicators in Peyronie ´ s disease, post-prostatectomy, post-surgery of Peyronie´s disease, etc.

Andropeyronie ® is a penile traction device for the therapy of the Peyronie´s illness. It is clinically checked and also FDA approved. It reduces penile curvature in 60% and reduces the discomfort in Peyronie´s disease. Andropeyronie is especially established to deal with curved penises and also Peyronie’s disease. The device is repaired onto the penis easily as well as it can be used while walking, sitting, doing physically undemanding work, etc.

Andropeyronie utilizes the new patented technology Androsupport ®, which is an upper support item to adjust the device to a number of type of curvatures. It likewise utilizes Androcomfort ® band system with additional comfort loop as well as a silicone ring named Androring ® which offer more convenience as well as protection to the area of the penis that is fix with to the top piece.

Andropeyronie utilizes soft traction to get two times the results of other devices. If a client uses a medical device with lighter traction for even more hours like Andropeyronie, the penile curvature correction is doble and also its usage works throughout the day. The penile curvature adjustment will certainly be 60% with 8 hours of usage. For these factors, time matters in penile traction therapy. As well as likewise the rate is the best in the market of penile traction devices, because Andropeyronie sets you back $99.

Also we are proud that American Urological Organization journal has actually published that “andropeyronie” is one of the three most usual words in #Peyronies tweets with “disease” and “men”. This research study was conducted by the urologists Adithya Balasubramanian, Justin Yu, Larry I Lipshultz, James M Hotaling, as well as Alexander W Pastuszak, with the title of #Peyronies: An Analysis of Online Twitter Discussion of Peyronie’s Disease. The outcomes of this research study were:

A total of 3,278 tweets and 767 individuals making use of #Peyronies were recognized. Many tweets (75%) were sent with web links as well as included media images (49%). The average ± SD variety of #Peyronies tweets per month increased from 17.7 ± 8.5 in 2013 to 121.4 ± 52.2 in 2018 (p < 0.001). Individuals boosted from 78 to 767 during this duration. Individuals tweeted from 61 countries. Physicians comprised 46% of the top influencers. Usual words in #Peyronies tweets were “disease,” “men” and also “andropeyronie.” Popular associated hashtags were #menshealth, #peyronie and #men. Codification of tweet material disclosed that tweets were focused on scientific care discussions or on the internet person assistance. Much more information in:

We would like to see you at AUA 2019 in Chicago from May 3rd to May 6th in stand # 1219.

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