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Why Andropenis®?


An increase of Penile Length 4 cm or 1.6″ in erection and flaccidity


An increase of Penis Girth 1.5 cm or 0.6″


Provides Permanent results and sexual function is improved


Results are based on Clinical Studies

How a penis extender works

Andropenis® is a patented penile traction device to increase penis size. This medical extender is FDA approved and clinically tested. The device is composed of a plastic base ring, two metal shafts with internal springs and an upper plastic support with a silicone band.

Andropenis® penis extender is comfortable because of the patented Androcomfort® band which spreads out the pressure on the glans over a bigger area. The penile traction device Andropenis® is easy to wear throughout 8 hours a day and remove as needed. It is very discreet, comfortable and may be worn while walking, sitting and standing .

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Andropenis@ is clinically tested

British Journal of Urology

“CONCLUSIONS: Penile extenders should be regarded as a minimally invasive and effective treatment option to elongate the penile shaft”.

Dr. Gontero, Urologist, University of Piamonte, Italy

American Urological Association

“Three studies reported on the effects of penile traction for 4.5 to 5.0 hours a day and reported curvature improvements (studies done with ANDROPENIS and ANDROPEYRONIE)”

European Association of Urology

“Use penile traction devices and vacuum devices to reduce penile deformity and increase penile length”

Safe therapy

Comfortable tech

Fast results

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Medical Support

Our team of physicians and health experts can support you along your treatment, by email or chat, with ongoing medical advice and support.

You can take a quiz with quick medical questions and, if in doubt, a physician will review your answers.

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From 149£ / €159 / $179 / CA$239 / AU$269

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“The preliminary observations presented and published support the efficacy and safety of penile traction devices (such as the Andropenis)” Dr. Wayne Hellstrom, Urology Professor at the University of New Orleans, USA.

“Before risking surgery, I preferred to try Andropenis. I want to thank you because after a few months of use I managed to enlarge my penis.” Haruki, Japan.

“This device represents one of the most important advances in the medical field if we consider the effectiveness of Andropenis”. Dr. Ignacio Moncada, Chief of the Urology Unit at Zarzuela Hospital, Spain.

I was always self-conscious about the size of my penis. I searched the internet and decided to use Andropenis. I am very satisfied with the results. Thank you.” Ahmed, Saudi Arabia.

Quality ISO 13485

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Combined therapy

Andropenis can be used with Andropharma men’s supplements as combined therapy. Andropharma® Penis helps in the therapy of penis enlargement.

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Medical guide of Penis Extenders

What is the principle of a penile traction device?

It is based in the medical principle of traction, which when executed in a controlled, gradual and progressive manner on the penis, then Andropenis will stimulate the growth of the penile tissues. The penile traction therapy was invented and patented by Dr. Eduardo Gómez de Diego.

Has traction of penis stretchers been used in medicine before

Yes, the principle of traction in modern medicine is used to create new tissue for skin grafts, the elongation of bones and to create new skin with hair to cover bald areas. Also this principle has been used in ancient cultures to create long necks like in the Giraffe Women of Burma and to create longer lips in certain African tribes. Our penile enlargement device uses the same principle.

What is the maximum growth that I can obtain?

It all depends on the individual, approximately 4 centimetres (about 1.6”) can be obtained with a penile traction device. Be patient and consistent with the treatment, this is the key to achieving your objectives. The first results will be observed 1.5 months into the treatment (the 15 day adaptation period followed by 1 the first month of treatment).

What is the minimum growth that can be obtained?

The minimum growth with a penis stretcher is 1.5 cm (0.60”). The average growth is 3 cm (1.2”), based on 95% of the patients, using a penis enlargement device.

Is there growth both on erection and flaccidity?

Yes, the growth with a penile traction device is proportional and it will be evident in erection as well as in flaccidity. Do not use Andropenis while sleeping, while partaking in strenuous physical activity or sport or while under the effects of recreational drugs or alcohol.

Which are the model of the penis stretchers?

The Andropenis® extender has the following models: Andropenis Gold® (made with gold, Deluxe version), Andropenis Mini® (for penises smaller than 8 CM in an erect state), Andropeyronie® (made from aluminium, adapted for curvature correction), Andropeyronie® Surgery Edition (made from aluminium, adapted for posyt-surgery usage) and Androextender® (made from aluminium, basic version).

Are the results durable of Andropenis penis extender?

Yes, because there has been growth of the penile tissues.

Will a penile traction device help to correct penile curvature?

Yes, in a treatment period of 6 to 7 months with penis stretcher is able to correct more than 60% of the curvature. There will be a substantial improvement. More information about Penile curvature correction.

Will the lengthening create a penis thinner with a penis stretcher?

No, the increase is proportional throughout the whole penis. There will certainly be a boost in length along with in girth with a penile traction device considering that the new tissue created develops even more quantity and also this volume is filled with brand-new cells, as a result of a cellular multiplication.

Will the glans also grow with a penile enlargement device?

No, Only the penile shaft is extended and the sensitivity of the glans will not be affected with the penis stretcher.

What is the ideal age to increase penis size with a stretcher?

From 18 years onward. The treatment with a penis stretcher can be followed by older men as well. Our research includes men of 60 and 70 years of age and it shows that traction will stimulate the growth of tissues at any age. More information about world penis size.

How to Use Guide to Penis Stretchers

Is there any pain with a penile traction device?

No, the medical penis extender is a mechanical stretcher and is painless. The user may at first notice the presence of the extender, but in time this sensation soon disappears. Andropenis can be worn and fixed easily in the penis.

How can I use a penis stretcher without my family finding out?

Use the penis stretcher during working hours or when out of home, we recommend the use of loose clothes in order to prevent people from noticing.

Should I remove the penis extender when urinating?

Yes, when finished place the extender back onto the penis.

If I have an erection with the stretcher on, what will happen?

Nothing will happen, you will feel a little pressure, but it should be painless. If the erection is really hard, then the penis enlargement device will loose but it will stay in its place.

Can an penile enlargement device be worn while sleeping?

Yes, although we do not recommend it. Many of our patients wake up with the extender dislocated because of movement at night or nightly erections. In these cases, the product should only be worn 3 hours per night. We recommend that the penis stretcher shouldn’t be worn at night during the first few days of usage or until you feel totally comfortable with handling the device.

Which are the components of the medical penis extender?

The components of the penis extender are: 1-plastic base ring, 2-rounded hinge nut, 3-threaded bar, 4-threaded adjustable shaft, 5-metal shaft, 6-screw, 7-spring, 8-screw to secure the spring, 9-large 4 cm rod (1.6”), 10-medium 2 cm rod (0.8”), 11-small 0.5 cm rod (0.2”),12-smallest rod 0.3 cm (0.1”), 13-upper plastic support, 14-silicone band, 15- protective cushion, 16-silicone rings.

Can I wear tight-fit clothing while using a penis extender?

You may wear jeans that are not too excessively tight when you are using a penile traction device.

If I am seated for a long period of time, can I use an extender?

Yes, we will tell you how to modify the penis stretcher for these types of cases.

Will a penile traction device rust if exposed to water?

Andropenis penis stretcher will not rust. FDA and European Union Certification guarantees that the device is free of defects and guarantees that it has been inspected. The device can be washed once a week with mild soap and water.

Should an extender be oiled or greased?

At first it is not necessary, but we do recommend that you apply small amounts of oil on the bars of the penis enlargement device in order for it to slide up and down with ease.

What is penis extender made of? Does it need batteries?

Andropenis extender is totally mechanical. It is used to stretch the penis. It does not require batteries or electricity.

How are the first days with the penile traction therapy?

The first day, as practice, fit and remove the extender 10 times in a row. It is recommended fitting the device in the upwards position one day, to one side the following day, and to the other side the next day. Every 2 hours, the extender will need to be removed for a few minutes to allow the tissues to relax.

Medical Reviews of Penile Traction devices

Are there any side effects involved in a penis extender?

No, If the Andropenis penis stretcher is used according to and following the instructions, no risks or secondary effects should arise. Andropenis traction device is a safe clinically proven treatment.

What is the normal length of the penis?

Between 13 to 15 cms long (5” to 6”), depending on the ethnic background. More information about world penis size.

Will the traction of the extender affect erection?

No, the patients ability to form an erection will function as usual without any complications. Sex drive will improve immensely due to the increased confidence gained with a penis of larger dimensions, thanks to Andropenis penis stretcher.

Increasing the penis size depends with an extender on what?

It depends on the genetic and tissue development of the penis. Andropenis penis enlargement device can help you to grow your penis size.

If I am diabetic, can I undergo with a penis extender?

Yes, as long as you are under strict medical supervision, and if you maintain proper hygiene of the penis, you can use a penis stretcher.

Which are the Medical Indications of penile traction device?

Treatment of Peyronie’s disease with a penis extender and correction of other congenital penile curvatures. Treatment of male hypogonadism with micropenis or small penis. Aesthetic treatment for penile lengthening and thickening. Post-surgical treatment of some urological surgeries (prostatectomy, penile surgery, trauma, penile fracture, etc.) to avoid penile shortening due to scar retraction. External penile rigidity device to create or maintain sufficient penile rigidity for sexual intercourse.

If I have a cardiovascular issue, can I increase my penis size?

Yes, there are no risks involved using a penile traction device

If I have been operated on a prostate cancer, can I use it?

Absolutely not, there is too much risk involved. More informartion abuot Prostate cancer.

If I have varicocele, hydrocele, or prostatitis?

Medical consultation is advised to use Andropenis penile traction device.

If I have any sexually transmitted disease, can I use it?

No, the disease must be cured first to use the penile traction device.

Is the slight pressure caused by a penis stretcher painful?

No, because Andropenis penis stretcher is adjusted accordingly to the size of penis and its growth. If the instructions are carried out accordingly, there should not be any discomfort.

If I have an irritation using the extender, what should I do?

In case of minor irritation, penile bruising or penile skin reaction in the distal part of the shaft (site of application of the silicone band) or at the base of the penis (site of application of the plastic ring): apply ointment during the evening and use the device during the day until the symptoms disappear. But if you feel discomfort in the shaft of the penis, massage the penis with a hydrating cream for 5 minutes each night using gentle stretching motions

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