Andropenis penile extender is safe. Andromedical conducted scientific tests to verify that the materials used at our penis extenders are not harmful for human use. Biocompatibility test were approved by Scientific Lab. Driven by the desire for transparency, Andromedical is one of the unique company on the urology market that has made ​​all clinical tests done on its penis extender public. It is a proof of reliability, performance and security towards our customers. Below you can find a brief description of what these tests are:


NON-cytotoxic. A standardized test that is a very sensitive way to determine if the materials in that of a medical device contain any harmful components that can leak into the body or its cells. Andropenis® is NON-cytotoxic certified.

NON-irritant. Test the reaction to a single, repeated or continual exposure from device materials that may produce skin mucosal or eye irritation. Andropenis® is NON-irritant certified. Skin Irritation tests test the reaction to a single, repeated or continual exposure from device materials that may produce skin, mucosal, or eye irritation- a local tissue response characterization by the usual signs of inflammation- redness, and swelling, and could be accompanied by heat and pain. Different from sensitization in that it does not involve the immunological mechanism.

NON-sensitizing. Sensitization or hypersensitivity tests test for adverse reactions in the body by exposing the skin to the product or taking extracts from the products or its component materials and injecting and/or topically applying them to check for reactions. Sensitization reactions are noted by observing redness and swelling as components interact with the body’s immune system.

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