Studies in America about penis size

Chile: A study shows an average size of 5.51” in erection (Researcher: Clínica Andromex)

Venezuela: Studies show that the average size ranges from 2.36” to 3.54” in flaccidity and between 3.54” and 5.7” in erection. The average height of the Venezuelan male is 5.6 ft

Colombia: Anthropometric study of the penis. Colombian Society of Urology. The aim of research was to study patients with erection problems. Performed amongst 130 men. The average penis size in erection was 5.51”. Correlation between the penis in flaccidity and erection with the patients height, and between the size of the hand and the foot and the size of the penis was found to be non existent.

Brazil: In 1994 Da Ros in Brazil performed a study amongst 150 men and obtained an average size of the penis of 5.7”. the subjects were healthy Caucasian males satisfied with the length of their penis.

U.S.A.: Condoms manufacturer Durex revealed that the average is 6.29”, while a study from the University of California lowered this figure to only 5.11”. Durex study covered a population of 2936 men (most of them younger than 25) who filled in a form through internet without revealing their identity. Apart from the length, the average in girth obtained through this study was of 5.23”

The study also investigated the perception men had in relation to the size of the condoms. 35% felt they are very tight and 15% felt they are very loose. Those who have a bigger penis than the average tend to declare they have suffered the breaking of a condom at least once.

In the Kinsey Study from 1948 (afterwards analysed by Jamison and Gebhard in 1988) done amongst 2770 men, resulted in an average of 3.81” in flaccidity and 6.1” in erection. This study is not to be trusted completey, since every man reported its own measurements.

According to the study doen in 1980 by Lee and Cols, the average length of the penis of an adult (stretching the penis in flaccidity) varies between 4.72” and 5.51”. This technique offers approximately an idea (correlation of 0’84) of the length in erection.


Curious Measurements

The smallest penis reported to date had a length of 0.48 inches. On the other hand there have also been reports of penises measuring up to 13.97” long. However, these measures are very rare. Kinsey, renowned author of the homonimous study, maintained that the myths concerning the penis measures of the black male are highly exaggerated.

A black males´ penis in the flaccidity is usually longer than the penis of a Caucasian male, (as stated by Masters & Johnson). Masters & Johnson point out that white men have a more elastic and retractile tissue in flaccidity than black men. Therefore the longer penis in flaccidity found amongst black men could lead to the belief that they have a larger penis, even though this might not be true for the penis in erection.

A study done by Dr.Cory Webster (“The homosexual men in North America”) concluded that the penis amongst black men is larger both in length as well as in girth than the penis of white males. It seems that the penis of a black men in flaccidity has almost the same length as in erection. It is also a black man who has the longest penis recorded to date, Long Dong Silver with 45 cm in flaccidity.


A reference in Europe about penis size

Spain: The Spanish Andrology Society stated in 2001 that the average length of the penis in erection in Spanish males is of 5.34” and the girth 4.42” (diameter of 1.5”). According to these figures, a penis is to be considered a micro penis when it measures less than 3.54” in erection.

Germany: One of the oldest references in this field is the stdy performed by Loeb, in 1899. However, it only shows the length in flaccidity in 50 men, the average being 3.74”.

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