Androvacuum PREMIUM


A Medical penis pump to exercise your penis

Androvacuum is a medical penis pump specially designed for those who want to improve their sexual performance, practice sexual fitness, and it helps with erectile dysfunction (E.D.) .

1 Androvacuum Premium + 2 Andropharma Vigor = 1 Medical penis pump (with automatic motor) + 3 Androring + 1 Androcushioning + 1 Androconical + 1 Androvacuum gel + Instructions booklet + 2 Men´s Health Supplements

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1 – Related to “sexual fitness” treatment:

   1.1 – Androvacuum helps to improve sexual health and the erectile capacity of the penis.

   1.2 – Andromedical erection pump promotes a return to natural penis function.

2 – Related to treatment for impotence or Erectile Dysfunction:

   2.1 – Over 90% effective.

   2.2 – Andromedical penis pump is a safe and natural alternative therapy. No additional treatment required.

   2.3 – Androvacuum is easy to use. You control the timing and duration of your erection. There is no waiting period for medication to take effect.

   2.4 – Andromedical erection pump promotes a return to natural penis function.

      2.4.1 – Andromedical erection pump helps to lower the amount of medication needed and minimizes an oral agent’s side effects.

      2.4.2 – Androvacuum helps to improve erection effectively achieved.

      2.4.3 – Androvacuum avoids an oral agent’s inconvenience, such as having to plan sexual intercourse in advance.

User Requirements:

  • Maximum penis erection length: 8 inches (20 cm)
  • Maximum penis girth: 6 inches (15 cm)

Tech Specs:

  • Use of AA size batteries required.

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